The months of June and July are not prime wedding seasons in Kenya but why not? Sure, it’s really chilly and the weather is quite unpredictable, but there are dozens of benefits of having your wedding during an off-peak season like this. For starters, it’s going to be easy for you to book vendors and find your dream wedding venue. You are also likely to pay less because the supply of wedding services outweighs the demand.

We agree that rain on your wedding day can be a good sign but if you don’t plan well, it can turn out to be really messy. The trick is planning for the unpredictable weather and working with the cold temperature instead of fighting it. Brides, you don’t have to freeze and shine. Read through the following wedding tips for throwing a stunning wedding in this chilly weather.
Warm wedding Favors
Give your guests or wedding party some practical wedding favors like customized kikois or gloves which they can use there and then to keep warm. 

Steamy Drinks You can have some hot cocoa and coffee for guests to keep their fingers from freezing. Your wedding guests will certainly appreciate a cup of tea at the reception in this chilly weather.

Indoor Reception If the venue is in a place like Limuru, where the weather is too extreme for an outdoor wedding, you can opt for an indoor reception. You can use custom lighting and a glowing fireplace to spice up the reception venue. 

Keep Warm There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wearing a wedding dress and a stunning fur coat. It’s actually better than looking ridiculous in a strapless dress and the chilly weather that’s making it impossible for you to enjoy your day. You can wear the coat outside then remove it when saying your vows. Either way, who says you can’t look stunning and feel warm at the same time? 

Avoid the long train Dresses with very long trains can get dragged through the wet ground easily. You can choose a wedding gown with a long train but arrange for someone to consistently carry it while you walk around. Or simply do away with the long train if you don’t like the idea of trailing fabric behind you. 

Fabric Choose a wedding dress made of heavy fabric but make sure it doesn’t make you sweaty all day long. Fabrics like velvet, thick satin and heavy lace can be perfect for the cold months. However, make sure the dress has some breathing space like an open back. Avoid wearing other items underneath the dress, like tights, that may contribute to overheating. 

Fashion and style You can choose long sleeved dresses to avoid getting goosebumps on your arms. Other wedding gowns come with a bolero (a dress jacket) made of fabric which allows your skin to breath. Again, there’s the problem of getting too sweaty so you must choose an option that is comfortable and not overbearing. Think of buying a wedding dress with a collar to add extra elegance and class.