So a discussion ensued in the office about the cost of weddings generally and it all boiled down to how ridiculous some of this cost are and how people try to cut loose. Now there are certainly so many women out there that are bothered by the conundrum that is the cost of making and styling your hair on your big day. While we were discussing I said “why don’t I just cut my hair” and it came to me that there are lots of women out there who rock a low cut hairstyle and they would want to rock their low cut hairstyle on their wedding day. Hence the research for ways a would bride can rock their low cut hairstyle and still look beautiful and flawless; Here are some tips you can follow

  • One thing about low cut hairstyles is the fact that its an ornament friendly hairstyle but it all depends on the kind or type of jewelry you want on your head and you have to think of how you want to look




A veil is also a good way to accessorize as a bride with low cut, you have to choose the veil that would work best for you


  • Keep in mind that elaborate makeup would only take away from your look, so ensure to opt for a more natural look for your big day.


  • Before you pick an ornament for your hair think about your dress, this should give you an insight of what the right choice would be.


  • You can decide to keep things simple, no veil, bold makeup and no jewelry this is you approaching your natural side but still managing to keep it beautiful and stylish.


This tips for brides with low cut hairstyle would help you navigate and understand what your look would be on your wedding day without stressing.