This is about a family introduction between Deolu and Jide. Let me tell you a little about the Yoruba family introduction. In the Yoruba culture, an “Introduction” Ceremony is held so both families can meet officially. The idea behind this is to introduce key members of both families so they know their son or daughter’s new relatives. It’s usually a small affair in the bride’s parent house, but these days, it’s like a mini traditional wedding ceremony because couples now wear bourgeoisie traditional attires and even cut cakes.

Usually the cost of the introduction depends on where the bride comes from. Where I come from, they have a well laid out list. So, you don’t have to start asking what to buy. The groom collects the list from the bride’s family, buy the things meant for only intro and take them down to the bride’s parent house.

After meeting the family members informally, the couple can visit each other’s parents occasionally to familiarize with them and vice-versa as well as getting to know each other’s siblings, their lifestyle, etc. They are going to become your new family, so the sooner you get to know more about them the better. I should state at this point though that you should do your best not to go overboard in trying to please your potential in-laws, why?? because it may work against you after marriage, yup!! especially if you can’t keep it up.

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