The 411 On Pre-Wedding Hair Treatments!


If you’re looking to grow your hair, vitamins and natural supplements are a good way to go. My hairdresser and friends have always recommended Biotin, a B-complex vitamin that helps with both hair and nail strength, resulting in growth.

Leave-in Conditioners

If your hair is only mildly damaged, a good leave-in conditioner may be an option to explore. Ojon has a fantastic Restorative Leave-in Treatment specially formulated for your hair color. Brunette, blonde and red hair options are available. When applied to damp hair, it instantly makes your tresses appear shinier and feel softer, too.

Overnight Treatments

For a more intense treatment, try an overnight leave-in conditioner. Redken 5th Avenue NYC has an entire line of leave-in treatments designed for heavily damaged hair. The Real Control Overnight Treat is one product in the line to definitely try. It’s ashea butter formula and when used weekly, you’ll find your hair is softer, and more in control.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are a great way to get similar results to an overnight treatment without having to slather on a leave-in conditioner for an entire evening. There are plenty of at-home DIY hair mask recipes available online, or you can pick up a formula like theFruits & Passion Monoi Nourishing Hair Mask. Just 15 minutes with this product and a quick rinse results in super shiny and highly-conditioned locks.

Salon Treatments

Of course, if you’re really looking for an intense hair treatment, nothing beats a salon appointment. Talk to your stylist about formulating a hair plan which may include monthly or weekly hair treatments. Many salons offer deep conditioning treatments of my favorite hair product line, Kerastase, that are absolutely amazing for your hair.