Venue Of The Month: Crossed Keys Estate

We are absolutely in love with this country oasis!

Crossed Keys Estate has all the elements of an exquisite wedding venue.

A charming Juliette balcony for tossing your bouquet; an elegant bride’s room to get ready for your big day; a tree-lined drive for your arrival to the ceremony; lush meadows as the backdrop for your photos; and a gorgeous reception tent. 

THROW BACK THURSDAY! Our Bride Crystal Featured on MunaLuchi !!! Bridal Summer Night Carnival Wedding in Long Island: Crystal + Scott



Crystal and Scott have known each other since college in the mid-late 90s, but it wasn't until 2009 that the two reconnected at a friend's wedding. The timing still wasn't quite right though as both were in relationships, so a few more years went by. The next time their paths crossed, both were surprised to find each other on the same dating website.

After two years of dating and not long after having major knee surgery, Scott proposed beside Crystal and the two were married five months later in a modern romantic outdoor wedding under the stars. Because after all, love was always in the star for these two.

Wedding Date: September 3, 2015
Wedding Location: First Look: Old Westbury Gardens, Ceremony + Reception: Chateau Briand
First Dance Song: "Our Love" by Gregory Porter


Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal!

Scott and I have known each other since college, back in the mid-late 90s. We didn’t attend the same school but he knew my roommate's friend. We were just friends and occasionally hung out as a group at parties etc. and I would sometimes see him at church. After years of not seeing each other, in 2009, two of our close friends got married and we were both in the wedding party. We caught up over the rehearsal dinner and exchanged emails to keep in touch. Since we both were already in relationships, contact stopped after Scott invited me out to dinner. Fast forward to 2013, my previous relationship had since ended and after being peer pressured into joining a dating website, I reluctantly joined for three months. After two months, I received a message from the site from someone saying, Crystal? I thought to myself, Who is this person that knows my name? When I opened the message and saw the picture, it was Scott. We had our first date later that week on Good Friday. The timing wasn't right back in 2009 but we were meant to be together at the right time for both of us. 

After two years of dating, Scott proposed. A few weeks before the engagement, Scott had major knee surgery. On the night of the proposal, we went to one of my favorite restaurants and as we were leaving, there was a bench outside. Since he couldn't bend on his knee, he sat down on the bench and spoke of how he knew when he first saw me walking out of my apartment for our first date, that he was not going to let me go...and proposed. We married five months later.

Wedding Style

I would describe my wedding dress as modern chic. The dress shopping experience was great; I found my dress in the third and last bridal store. The overall experience was not arduous as I've heard from other brides. I did a lot of research online before going into bridal salons which helped.



The wedding theme was West Indian Carnival. Our wedding took place during a time of year in New York when the Brooklyn West Indian Parade takes place and with me being from Brooklyn, I have participated in the parade in the past. Scott being Jamaican along with a lot of our guests and bridal party being of West Indian decent, the theme was fitting. We asked our guests to come with their island flag and each couple in the bridal party came out to a particular West Indian song of their choice, waving their flag.


I don't have one particular best memory from our wedding. The whole entire day after Scott and I saw each other at the First Look was the best memory.

Help a bride-to-be out!

Enjoy the moment and take in everything because the day goes by very fast.


Photography: Lighthouse Photography
First Look Venue: Old Westbury Gardens
Venue: Chateau Briand
Wedding Dress: Kenneth Winston, RK Bridal
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Flowers: Flowers By Brian
DJ: DJ Dynamight
MC: Benji
Photo Booth: PhotoSnap
Limo: Serenity Limo
Hair + Makeup: Jhenelle Hill, Prim & Perfect
Cake: Francisco's Bakery
Invitation: Just the Write Touch


The months of June and July are not prime wedding seasons in Kenya but why not? Sure, it’s really chilly and the weather is quite unpredictable, but there are dozens of benefits of having your wedding during an off-peak season like this. For starters, it’s going to be easy for you to book vendors and find your dream wedding venue. You are also likely to pay less because the supply of wedding services outweighs the demand.

We agree that rain on your wedding day can be a good sign but if you don’t plan well, it can turn out to be really messy. The trick is planning for the unpredictable weather and working with the cold temperature instead of fighting it. Brides, you don’t have to freeze and shine. Read through the following wedding tips for throwing a stunning wedding in this chilly weather.
Warm wedding Favors
Give your guests or wedding party some practical wedding favors like customized kikois or gloves which they can use there and then to keep warm. 

Steamy Drinks You can have some hot cocoa and coffee for guests to keep their fingers from freezing. Your wedding guests will certainly appreciate a cup of tea at the reception in this chilly weather.

Indoor Reception If the venue is in a place like Limuru, where the weather is too extreme for an outdoor wedding, you can opt for an indoor reception. You can use custom lighting and a glowing fireplace to spice up the reception venue. 

Keep Warm There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wearing a wedding dress and a stunning fur coat. It’s actually better than looking ridiculous in a strapless dress and the chilly weather that’s making it impossible for you to enjoy your day. You can wear the coat outside then remove it when saying your vows. Either way, who says you can’t look stunning and feel warm at the same time? 

Avoid the long train Dresses with very long trains can get dragged through the wet ground easily. You can choose a wedding gown with a long train but arrange for someone to consistently carry it while you walk around. Or simply do away with the long train if you don’t like the idea of trailing fabric behind you. 

Fabric Choose a wedding dress made of heavy fabric but make sure it doesn’t make you sweaty all day long. Fabrics like velvet, thick satin and heavy lace can be perfect for the cold months. However, make sure the dress has some breathing space like an open back. Avoid wearing other items underneath the dress, like tights, that may contribute to overheating. 

Fashion and style You can choose long sleeved dresses to avoid getting goosebumps on your arms. Other wedding gowns come with a bolero (a dress jacket) made of fabric which allows your skin to breath. Again, there’s the problem of getting too sweaty so you must choose an option that is comfortable and not overbearing. Think of buying a wedding dress with a collar to add extra elegance and class. 

A Quick Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics

When shopping for a wedding dress, words like satin, tulle, silk, blends and Chantilly often pop up. Unless you are a designer or seamstress you may not know exactly what they mean. At Abigail Bridal we thought it’s important for you to understand your wedding gown fabrics so you can choose your dream dress. Let’s delve into the real stuff and help you decode common terms used as far as fabrics are concerned.

Fiber vs. Finish

A Fabric is a cloth made by either weaving or knitting fibers. In weaving, the fibers are crossed to form a grid pattern resulting in a fabric that’s smooth. A fabric that is stretchy and soft is created when fibers are knit looped around one another. Fibers can be natural such as cotton, wool or silk or synthetic like polyester.

People often refer to satin as a fiber; however satin is simply a finish. Satin can be made from pure silk, all polyester or a blend of the two. Fabrics made of natural fibers usually breathe better but can also be more expensive or wrinkle. If you are looking for satin finished gown don’t forget to ask for the fiber want.

Types of Fabrics


It’s a common versatile and durable bridal fabric that suits structured gowns. Satin is suitable for every body type and suitable for ball gown styles. Its thick nature makes it a good choice for cooler weather weddings.


This is a light, rich and synthetic fabric with a glossy sheen. This fabric has a nice liquid effect and is perfect for column dresses. Its luxurious nature makes it a perfect fabric to go with.


Chiffon is a sheer lightweight woven fabric that is usually used in layers or as an overlay for elaborate fabric. This fabric is known for its ability to fray and snag easily


Organza shares the lightweight and sheer properties with chiffon but it’s a little stiffer than chiffon. Organza is more structured and is suitable for warmer weather weddings. It is usually quite delicate and snags and pulls easily.


If you are familiar with the netlike fabric used in ballerina tutus, then that’s tulle. This fabric has an airy feeling and can incorporate lace designs pretty well.


Lace is a pretty common fabric and comes in a variety of styles.  Some of the most popular varieties are Chantilly (detailed open lace with defined border), Alecon (trimmed with cord, motifs on net), Venise (heavy and more structured, perfect for cold weather weddings)

These are some of the commonly used fabrics for wedding dresses. - See more at:




Celebrity Weddings that we Loved

vanka and Jared

Our curiousity was on the kind of dress the daughter of a billionaire Donald Trump, would wear when marrying tycoon Jared Kushner. Well, this wedding gown looks expensive.

- See more at:

Look at the lace detail, awesome.

Ivanka was sure a princess on this day.

Princess Komuntale and Thomas

Ruth Komuntale is a Toro –Uganda princess who got married to an American, Thomas. She is one of the most beautiful African woman and so was her wedding. The Toro were a little unsettled that she defied culture and married an American, we don’t choose who we love, do we? See some pictures of her fabulous wedding.


The tiara wraps up the princess look.

Her gown was to die for, her man too 

Tia and Cory

We all loved Tia Mowry when watching Sister Sister and later on The Game. Tia married her long time boyfriend Cory Hardrict wearing a fabulous wedding dress that sets a fashion trend for plus size brides-to-be. She looked great, plus what is better than having your twin sister as your maid of honour?

The one shoulder flowered dress stands out.

Tia always had a sense of style, remember The Game? 

Her entourage was beautiful, her twin sister on the lead.

Nameless and Wahu

This wedding may have happened forever ago but we cant get over their unique style. If you wantto hold a unique wedding it is a great wedding to borrow ideas from. The best part is that the couple is still together and just had their second child. Can it get better than that? You can borrow the forever after tips in addition to this classy wedding.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

The beautiful Alicia rocked her wedding dress even when pregnant as she married producer Swizz Beatz. We loved her unique style, doesn’t she look like an Egypt goddess. Maybe this has to do with my secret girl crush on Alicia but she tops the list.

She looked great as she walked down the isle, we love the head band.

See the back of the dress, I definitely got ideas for a wedding dress.

Kim and Chris

There is always something controversial about Kim Kardashian. Many of us would love to hate her but we can’t avoid her when she is plastered all over social media. Even if the marriage lasted for 72 days, this couple pulled off a fairy tale wedding that we will hardly ever forget. Kim sure does know how to look fabulous and the handsome Chris was a worthwhile accessory. Pun intended.

It is sometimes painful to see this kiss, knowing it will not last. 

But the wedding dress, fairy tale.