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Per'Fect - verb - pərˈfekt/

verb: perfect; 3rd person present: perfects; past tense, past participle: perfected; present participle: perfecting

      1.) make your bridal beauty vision completely free from faults or defects, or as close to   

            such a condition as possible.

"You have a vision in your mind, we will help you Prim & Per'Fect it"

synonyms: improve, better, polish (up), hone, refine, put the finishing / final touches to, brush up, fine-tune 


Bridal hair and makeup NYC- Quality, high-end bridal hair and makeup services on location where you are or at our studio in New York City, providing the very best wedding hair stylist and wedding makeup artist you can find in NY. Bridal beauty is our passion and we can help make you even more beautiful! We conveniently bring the Salon to you and your bridal party on the day of your wedding. Give us a call today! At your home, On location or at our Studio located in the Midtown Manhattan.


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